Living in Leeds

With over 750,000 people living in and around the city of Leeds, it’s no surprise to learn that it has a countless array of facilities that cater to resident and tourist alike. In terms of playing host to different cultures, Leeds is a typical UK city as more than 70 different nationalities live here. What sets Leeds apart from other cities is the unusual level of pride that its inhabitants take in their city. More than 90% of those living in Leeds say that the city offers a high quality of life and are proud to live here. In fact, only Brighton’s residents are happier and that is a place which is nowhere near as large as Leeds.

Cost Of Living

In terms of the cost of living, Leeds is somewhere in the middle when it comes to offering value for money. When it comes to utilities, transportation, sports and leisure, groceries and rent, Leeds is more expensive than smaller towns but cheaper than other major cities. For example, the average monthly rent for a one bedroom apartment in the city centre ranges between £570 and £970. Milk is around £0.92 a litre though it ranges from £0.75 to £1.02. It should be noted that chain stores like Iceland offer 2.2 litres for £1. Although there are a reasonable amount of expensive shops, budget shopping in Leeds is possible with Kirkgate Market one of the best places to find value for money goods.


With an estimated 110,000 people travelling to work in the city during rush-hour, it’s fair to say that you need to expect severe congestion if you are caught in the rush. This is an inevitable part of city life and this problem is apparent in any major city. You’re also unlikely to find a quiet place to park your car as all the spaces will probably be taken.

But don’t despair! Leeds has a number of terrific Park & Ride schemes on the limits of the city and with a first rate public transport system, you’ll have no problems getting to work on time. Arriva and First Group run the local transport system extremely efficiently. As you may expect, travelling to and from Leeds from other major cities is easy. The main bus station is the second busiest in the country with almost 100,000 people passing through each day. Almost 1,000 trains also make their way through the station.


Leeds has gained the sobriquet Knightsbridge of the North thanks to the huge array of high quality stores and high street brands. Despite being hundreds of miles away from London, you’ll feel as if you’re there once you sample the decadent delights on offer. Victoria Quarter is the heartbeat of the shopping scene in Leeds.

Night time in Leeds is something to behold. If you enjoy fine dining, raucous clubs and a limitless choice of what to see and do, then Leeds is the place for you. Creation and The Warehouse are two of the most frequented DJ clubs in the city with music, dancing and alcohol on offer until late. The city also plays host to an array of festivals throughout the year including the Carling Festival and Indian Carnival which both take place in August every year. This is only the tip of the iceberg with Harewood House and Roundhay Park both famous for hosting amazing live music shows and other events. If you’re interested in something with a touch more culture, there is always the option of Opera North or the Northern Ballet.


Fans of sporting activities in Leeds will claim that it’s the heartland of Yorkshire in this regard. The city’s football team, Leeds United, enjoyed success around a decade ago and even played in the prestigious Champion’s League. Alas, they fell to the third tier of English football but have raised themselves to the second tier and hope to launch another assault on the Premier League soon. The rugby league, rugby union and cricket teams have also enjoyed success in the past.

If you are looking for employment in the north of England, there are few better cities to choose from than Leeds. With such a happy population and high quality of life, there seems to be no reason not to stay in this wonderful city for a very long time.


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