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Some people who would be ideal for jobs fail at the interview stage for one reason or another. This may be because they do not click with the interviewer, they do not look the part, they are ill-prepared, they give the impression that do not seem right for the job, they appear too keen, they do not appear keen enough, they ask the wrong questions, they do not say enough, their body language is wrong, they fail to put across their expertise, and many more reasons.

In fact, when it comes to job interviews there are a whole host of potential pitfalls for candidates to fall into. However, it is not all doom and gloom, because if you are the best person for the job, then as long as you prepare correctly you should be fine. In fact, whilst pitfalls do exist, and there are issues which you should consider, you should at least be comforted by the realisation that there are no hidden tricks or special secrets which you need to learn, because the thing you need more than anything to succeed in job interviews is simply good old fashioned common sense.

Pointers for Your Interview - My Leeds Jobs

A lot of people panic when they hear that they have reached the interview stage of a job application. Really there is no need to do so. Typical job interviews are not Gestapo style interrogations and need not necessarily be terrifying or unpleasant. In fact, some job interviews can be very enjoyable. Whilst most interviews are informal, you should remember that most interviewers are not ogres, but just normal human beings. If you can cast aside any fear or apprehension, but instead relate to the interviewer, striking up a rapport whilst remaining professional, then this can help your cause.

The following tips may also help you - My Leeds Jobs
  • Ensure you give yourself enough time to arrive early. If need be do a practice run to see how long it will take to get to your destination.
  • First impressions count so greet your interviewer with a smile and a handshake. You may not land a job in the first ten seconds of your interview, but if you do not start well and do not give a good impression right from the onset than the first ten seconds could cost you the job.
  • Take your lead from the interviewer. If he/she is relaxed and chatty then you should follow suit. Alternatively if the interviewer is formal then your demeanor should remain formal.
  • Dress appropriately for the job. This does not necessarily mean you have to wear a suit and tie, after all you would look rather foolish in a suit and tie if the job in question was for a helper at a pig farm. The main thing is to think about how the employer would expect and like to see you dressed. If you think that they would prefer to see you formally dressed then you should ensure that you are not only as well dressed as possible, but also as well groomed as possible. If necessary have a haircut before your interview.
  • Be confident but not cocky, and polite but not too shy.
  • Do not sit down until you are told to do so, and follow normal etiquette.
  • If you get the opportunity to impress the interviewer with relevant knowledge then do not be afraid to do so.
  • Remember your body language and avoid slouching or looking too casual, but instead try to look keen, alert and interested.
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