Having the X Factor - My Leeds Jobs

Having the X Factor - My Leeds Jobs

Even if you have a CV with no errors, good content, and excellent format you are still not guaranteed an interview. The reason for this is that your CV also needs to stand out from the crowd. There are often 50 or more applicants for each job. If you send off your CV without correctly addressing the problem how do I make my CV stand out? then the chances are it could just get lost in the pile.

Some people make the mistake of thinking they can make their CV standout by using bright colours, different fonts, or flashy designs. If you do this it can backfire on you. The best way to make your CV stand out is for it to look to professional rather than conspicuous, and for you to sell your skills and highlight the benefits you have to offer an employer in a slick and well organised manner.

You do however, need to keep things real and in perspective when you write your CV. Employers are not stupid. If you claim in your CV profile or cover letter that you have excellent sales skills, great technical ability, and advanced managerial skills but do not back this up elsewhere in your CV with examples in your work experience section then in all likelihood your CV will be confined straight to the bin.

It is all well and good to sell yourself, but you need to be realistic too.

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