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Grabbing Attention -

Employers receive a great amount of CVs on a daily basis and do not have the time or resources to look through each one meticulously before coming to a decision. In fact, if your CV does not look the part immediately it may be confined straight to the bin. Your CV not only has to be very well presented, but it has to grab the attention of the reader right from the very first page. Not only that, but because some recruiters make a decision in the first six to ten seconds, sometimes decisions are made purely on presentation and how the first third of the first page of your CV reads. If you do not grab the attention of the reader in the very first section of your CV then in some cases what you say thereafter is a relevant as it may never be read.

First Impressions

Most CVs start with the personal profile section, and traditionally this is the section most people have the most difficulty with. If you struggle with any area of your CV you should seek help. This is especially important if you struggle with the first page, because if the first page is not up to scratch then in all likelihood the employer will never get as far as the second page.

Selling Your Skills - My Leeds Jobs

To some extent your CV is a sales document. Just as commercial companies sell their products in advertisements in order to persuade consumers to buy them, job applicants must also consider ways to best to sell their skills to prospective employers.

However, you must do this in and constructive manner. There is no point in simply listing all your skills and hoping that the employer will be sufficiently interested in some of them. What you really need to do is to highlight all the relevant benefits you have to offer, and persuade the employer that you are exactly the right person for the job, and that they need look no further.

The key word here is relevant. You need to identify what the employer is looking for, and then tell him or her exactly why you are best person to meet their requirements.

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