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If you listen to some people they will tell you quite categorically that CVs should be written a particular way. However, if you listen to other people they will tell you in no uncertain terms that CVs should be written in a totally different way and include completely different things.

Everyone cant be right. If so, by definition some people are definitely wrong. Or are they? Well actually some people are wrong, but many who are wrong are in a sense right, albeit somewhat unwittingly. If this isnt confusing enough some people are also right but for the wrong reason!

The truth of the matter is that there are not as many cast iron rules about to CV writing as people think. In fact there are several myths, and if you follow these myths rather than common sense then the quality of your CV may suffer.

One such myth is page length, but there are several others too.

Please click on the page length link for some elaboration on this point. The main thing is to not be fooled into writing your CV purely on the basis of a myth, but to use your common sense, or to ask a professional if you are unsure. Whilst there is some disagreement about various aspects of CVs, there is at least some general agreement about some aspects.

For example, almost everyone recommends that you should tell the truth in your CV. This is very good advice. It is generally recommended that you do not include negatives in your CV. Similarly it is recommended that you omit any humour from your CV.

You should be aware however, that some perceived rules are in fact myths. Consequently, you should take a common sense approach or seek professional advice if you are unsure.

Minor Details

You need to be very careful about every single aspect of your CV. Something as simple as an e-mail address may cost you a job.

E.g. employers prefer formal CVs, this includes email addresses. Some people applying for formal jobs miss out because the use silly, crude, or comical e-mail addresses. If you have such an e-mail address then please remember to change it to a more formal format such as before you apply for a job.

If in doubt you should get your CV checked out professionally before you distribute it.

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