CV Do's and Don'ts

CV Dos and Donts - My Leeds Jobs


  • Ensure your CV is legible and easy to read with well demarcated sections and good use of bullet points.
  • Thoroughly check spelling and grammar. It also pays to get to your CV proofread.
  • Ensure that your CV is well presented, well formatted, and has good balance.
  • Ensure that the content on your CV is relevant. Irrelevant content will only serve to deter the employer from hiring you.
  • Target the CV towards the job in question. If your CV is too generic it dilutes the message you want to send the employer.
  • Get into the employees mind and write your CV from his or her standpoint.
  • Remember to sell your skills and all the benefits you have to offer the employer.
  • Be flexible if you need to be in your CV writing approach.
  • Be honest when writing your CV. You need to keep real and avoid exaggerations.
  • Be honest with yourself. If you know that your CV could be better, then you are better off seeking professional help.


  • Put your photograph on your CV unless this is specifically requested.
  • Fall into the trap of thinking that the more elaborate your CV is the better it is. The more you stray from a sleek and professional design, the more you enter into the realms of subjectivity. You cannot second guess the employers taste in design, so often it is best to place safe and use a professional looking format which is legible and easy to read.
  • Over exaggerate or pretend you are someone which you are not.
  • Think you need to stick to artificial rules when writing your CV. Sometimes a common sense approach is best.
  • Waste space by including unnecessary sections of superfluous comments.
  • Include humour
  • Clutter up your CV with long winded paragraphs
  • Undersell yourself. If you really do have something to shout about then there is nothing wrong with saying so in a clear and concise manner.
  • Assume you know best. It is always worth getting a second opinion.
  • Send off your CV unless you are completely satisfied it is as good as it could be. You will not get a second chance.
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