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Covering Letter Tips - My Leeds Jobs

The best cover letters are short, pertinent and actually add something to your application rather than just paraphrasing or repeating the contents of your CV.

A surprising amount of people have difficulty writing their cover letter, and in many cases they end up forgetting to say what they should, saying things which they should not, and repeating things that are not necessary. A lot of the time people write cover letters which are far too long, and stray from the main point or purpose.

There is more a scope for flexibility in covering letters than CVs, and this affords you an opportunity to say things which you cannot normally say in your CV. Of course, just because you have the opportunity it does not necessarily follow that you should take it up. As mentioned, brevity and relevance are very important.

The one thing you should never do however, is to underestimate the importance of your cover letter. Just as CVs can be highly instrumental in helping you land your perfect job, cover letters can be too. You must therefore give full care and attention to your cover letter, just as you would to your CV. As with your CV your cover letter should be targeted and optimsed towards the job you hope to land, and address the points the employer is looking to hear.

More tips include:

  • Write to a person if you know their name rather than "Dear Sir"
  • Ensure the cover letter is well presented and free of spelling of grammatical errors.
  • In most cases it is best to keep the cover letter formal.
  • Include a job reference number if you have one.
  • Dont confuse a cover letter with a job statement. These are usually 2 different things.
  • If applying by e-mail insert the cover letter into the body of your e-mail rather than as a separate attachment.
  • If in doubt get professional help. provide a professional cover letter writing service
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